Businesses in Hawaii

We provides a wide range of legal services and advice to businesses in Hawaii. Our Business and Commercial Law practice area supports each of our business clients in attaining its goals by helping each business to identify its special needs, and then making available to it the full range of legal support it requires. Our services include:

Business Entities, including assisting clients in selecting the proper entity for their businesses and providing advice about the tax and liability-limiting benefits and effects of the various forms of doing business, including corporations (C or S), limited liability companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited partnerships;

Contracts, including creating and enforcing written and oral commitments of every nature;
Banking and Finance, including loans, mortgages and other security, applicable portions of the Uniform Commercial Code, usury, truth-in-lending and Reg. Z;
Business Reorganizations, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and split-offs, dissolutions and liquidations;
Foreign Investment, including taxation and government reporting, and in connection with our other practice areas, immigration and estate planning;
Administrative Law, including various administrative filings and applications for relevant licenses and permits;
Franchises, including their formation, registration, operation, and purchase and sale;
Tradenames and Trademarks, in conjunction with our Intellectual Property practice area; and
Taxation, including tax planning related to all of the above matters.
A significant number of the businesses we assist are international businesses based outside of Hawaii that have business dealings in Hawaii. In particular, we represent many businesses from the Asia/Pacific rim, including Japan, Australia and New Zealand. As a result of our years of experience with these businesses, we are especially knowledgeable about their needs.