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Businesses in Hawaii

We provides a wide range of legal services and advice to businesses in Hawaii. Our Business and Commercial Law practice area supports each of our business clients in attaining its goals by helping each business to identify its special needs, and then making available to it the full range of legal support it requires. Our services include:

Business Entities, including assisting clients in selecting the proper entity for their businesses and providing advice about the tax and liability-limiting benefits and effects of the various forms of doing business, including corporations (C or S), limited liability companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited partnerships;

Contracts, including creating and enforcing written and oral commitments of every nature;
Banking and Finance, including loans, mortgages and other security, applicable portions of the Uniform Commercial Code, usury, truth-in-lending and Reg. Z;
Business Reorganizations, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and split-offs, dissolutions and liquidations;
Foreign Investment, including taxation and government reporting, and in connection with our other practice areas, immigration and estate planning;
Administrative Law, including various administrative filings and applications for relevant licenses and permits;
Franchises, including their formation, registration, operation, and purchase and sale;
Tradenames and Trademarks, in conjunction with our Intellectual Property practice area; and
Taxation, including tax planning related to all of the above matters.
A significant number of the businesses we assist are international businesses based outside of Hawaii that have business dealings in Hawaii. In particular, we represent many businesses from the Asia/Pacific rim, including Japan, Australia and New Zealand. As a result of our years of experience with these businesses, we are especially knowledgeable about their needs.


Divorce is painful enough, without having the insult of high lawyers’ fees added to your emotional injury. If both husband and wife are willing to work together, agree on the disposition of assets and sign all documents in order to obtain the divorce, then should be your low cost alternative to costly lawyers.

What Is Divorce ?
The legal process with which to end a legal marriage.


Unlike the bitter battles portrayed on the television, 75% of all divorces are actually Uncontested and No Fault, and end within the first 5 years of marriage. This means that you and your spouse are parting amicably (at least in legal terms) and have come to an acceptable arrangement on how to divide assets and responsibilities.

Uncontested, No Fault divorce is an action completed through forms, and there is generally no court appearance in most states.

What Happens To The Children, Support, Health Insurance, House, Furniture, Bank Accounts, Debts, And Retirement Benefits ?
If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on the disposition of assets or other issues, then it is not an Uncontested divorce. You should consult a lawyer (You can see our Lawyer Referral Page.)

However, in an Uncontested divorce, you and your spouse have already determined how to handle and dissolve all the issues common during married life. We will get this detailed information from you in order to complete the appropriate state forms on your behalf.

How Long Does It Take Until We Are Divorced ?
That depends on which state you live in.

For Example (from the time you file your papers with the state until divorce is granted)

New York 4 to 6 months
Wisconsin 120 day waiting period (6 months)
Pennsylvania 4 to 5 months
California 6 months
Texas 60 days
Illinois 6 month separation for no-fault required
Florida 6 months after 90 day waiting period
How Much Are The State And Local Fees ?
That depends on which state you live in.

For Example to file Divorce Papers

New York $345
New Jersey $200
Texas $180 (approximately, depending on the county)
Illinois $150
Florida $151

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Who buys insurance?

The answer to this question is simple. Almost everyone buys insurance. Insurance protects personal assets (home, auto, individual life and health). It also protects business property, employees and the risk of third party suits against your business.

In addition, most states require insurance for automobiles and for employees (workers’ compensation).

Insurance in its many forms touches the life of virtually every person. It provides financial protection for homeowners, renters, car owners, business owners and their employees. It also provides protection for people who suffer personal injuries or property damage at the hands of others. Its value to society is enormous. However, many people don’t fully understand how insurance works or the value associated with insurance.


Insurance is fundamental in our day-to-day lives. Insurance is essentially a system by which risk is transferred by a person, business or organization to an insurance company which reimburses an insured for covered losses. Insurance also provides for the sharing of the cost of losses among all insureds.

By transferring risks to insurance companies, insureds exchange the possibility of large losses with potentially devastating financial effects for smaller, certain and manageable costs (insurance premiums).


How does insurance help our community and society in general?

Our society could not function effectively without insurance . There would be so much uncertainty, so much exposure to loss that business, as we know it, might not be able to exist. It would be difficult to obtain any type of financing of assets since very few lenders would be willing to risk funds without a guarantee of safety for their investments.

Insurance helps society by protecting assets and minimizing financial risk. Insurance helps by reimbursing people and businesses for covered losses, encouraging accident prevention, providing funds for investment, enabling people to borrow money, and reducing anxiety.

Insurance provides funds to help businesses grow and create jobs. A significant portion of insurance company premiums are invested within our economy which promotes and stimulates economic growth.

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The Prettiest Town in Northern Alberta’s Peace Country!

Situated 43 km (27 miles) west of Grande Prairie on Highway 43 en route to Mile 0 of theSign Post Alaska Highway, Beaverlodge offers one of the most spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and the picturesque rolling landscape of the Beaverlodge River Valley . The community offers excellent health services, recreational and shopping features, with a number of stores and specialty shops.

Beaverlodge has a stable, diversified economy, anchored by agricultural production, processing and research.It is home of the federal government’s Northern Agricultural Research Station where experimental work was started by local farmer W.D.Albright in 1915.

The Pacific Regeneration Technologies (PRT) Tree Nursery features 5 acres of greenhouses, annually producing millions of spruce and pine seedlings for reforestation. Beaverlodge also has a strong oilfield industry, due to the Elmworth Deep Basin gasfield. First drilled in 1975, it has become one of the largest gas finds in Alberta’s history, and is located just 20 km south of Town.

With a population of 2,000 people, Beaverlodge offers a full range of recreational facilities and services: such as arena, curling rink, outdoor pool, community centre, golf course and 6 park/play-grounds. A 19 stall campground is an excellent stopping spot on the “best” route to Alaska. Seven service clubs and eight churches create a warm social sprit with something for everyone.

The Beaverlodge Cultural Centre located on the main highway represents a transformation of the old Town hospital into a beautiful unique facility featuring an art gallery, tea room, gift shop, and numerous studios;a lovely showcase for the extraordinary and extensive artistic talent in the Beaverlodge District.

The South Peace Centennial Museum is located 2 km northwest of Beaverlodge. Started in 1967, the Museum has seen extensive development since 1974. The third Sunday in July is the date of theMuseum’s Annual “Pioneer Day” featuring working steam poweredequipment, antique cars, trucks and tractors, an operating saw mill and the grinding of flour. The field day is attended by thousands of peaple every year. The Museum is open daily during the summer months, well worth a visit